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Relocate Your Business to Florida

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How to Relocate Your Business to Florida

We all know that Florida is a gorgeous place to reside, what with its sunny climate, world famous beaches, and warm skies. And what many savvy entrepreneurs know, it is also a great place to own a business. Why? In one word, taxes, or better said, the lack thereof! The great state of Florida has no personal income tax, meaning you are able to keep six to 13 percent more of what you made, especially when you compare the higher tax states as New York and California.

And that’s not all. If arranged properly, your business itself could pay literally NO state income tax either. By keeping your profits free from state income taxes means you have that considerably more capital available to hire more employees, acquire more equipment, and grow your business. And that is good for everyone.

Caruso and Company can assist you in the transition of your business from your current state to Florida. We can guide you through the maze of entity selection, tax structures, employment and sales taxes, business registrations and licensing, residency issues, and all of those details which can seem overwhelming.

With over 30 years of experience, let Caruso and Company, CPA, PA help you make more money, and keep more of what you make. Call us now for your free consultation, and browse our website for more details on the services we provide and check out what some of our clients have said.

Please Call (954) 571-2020 For Your Free Consultation.

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